Stalk silently

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From: Hunting across London

Hush, now. Let it think that no one's following after.

Game Instructions: This might reduce Wariness.

Unlocked with Quarry: Confounded Thing is Hiding

Challenge information

Broad, Shadowy 15

  • 11 - very chancy (44%)
  • 13 - chancy (52%)
  • 16 - modest (64%)
  • 18 - very modest (72%)
  • 21 - low-risk (84%)
  • 23 - straightforward (92%)
  • 25 - straightforward (100%)

Dangerous, Broad-type challenge with base difficulty of Quarry's Savagery. The above example is at Quarry's Savagery 15.


Softly, softly

London affords many quiet places where you can observe without being observed. And a menace that believes it is unobserved grows complacent and careless.


Too quiet

Your quarry is not so easily lulled. It might not see you, but it knows you're there, watching.