Department of Menace Eradication (Guide)

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Hunting Menaces Summary
Locked Limited-Length Activity
Setup Progress End
1 A 2+/4+/6+ A 2 A


Lower Hiding to 0 and catch the contract. Base Hiding and difficulty is set by the chosen contract.
Items Inputs/Outputs
  • 3 FATE for Doll.
Raw EPA 1.00 Raw SPA 2.00
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What needs work: Missing some failure/challenge info, especially on fate locked content

One of the starting storylets that a player has access to is The Department of Menace Eradication, where they can take part in helping rid London of some of the lowely pests that are not even worth the time of the great monster hunters. But hey, everyone has to start somewhere, and they'll start being a rat catcher. Several of these are required to increase your A Name Scrawled in Blood. This guide only covers the contracts available in this storylet.


A cheat sheet for available Quarrys:

Target Requirements Additional Rewards
A Worryingly Large Rat N/A 10 15
Sorrow-Spiders 1 Uses a different mechanic and is covered in this Guide
A Miniature Menace FATE 15 20 20 3
A Malicious Ushabti 3 30 30 4

Hunting across London[edit]

The goal for each contract is to reduce Quarry: Confounded Thing is Hiding to 0 so that the player can confront the menace, usually by capturing or killing it, but for the rat, it may also involve searching its lair. If they fail this action, they will gain some more Quarry: Confounded Thing is Hiding but reduce their Quarry's Savagery.

Hunting Actions[edit]

Option Requirement Success Failure
Search for traces < 4 1x 
  • -2-5 x 
  • Rare:
  • -2-5 x 
  • +1 x 
-1 x 
Expose yourself as bait 1.5x 
  • -2-10 x 
  • -2 x 
Employ the strategies of Mr Inch
  • 30
  • < 4
  • -5-7 x 
  • +1 x 
  • -0-1 x 
Stalk silently 1x 
  • -1 x 
Lay a shining trail
  • 70
  • 30 x 
Approach it very casually
  • No
?x  +1 
Lay poisoned bait 2x 
  • -3 
  • -1 x 
  • Reset
-1 x 

Trading in the Bounty[edit]

Once you have caught up with the quarry, you will have a couple options on how you wish to deal with it. These are detailed below.

A Worryingly Large Rat[edit]

Option Dangerous Success Failure
Shoot it the moment you see it 1x 
Explore its lair thoroughly before it returns ?x 

A Miniature Menace[edit]

This section covers content that is FATE-locked, so per this Wiki's Content Policy, the covered content will not otherwise be included on the Wiki, and the guide may contain mechanical descriptions but not narrative content.

Option Dangerous Success Failure
Rats.png  ? 
Gossip.png  ?  Further Choices, see below.

If the second choice is taken there is one more choice to make:

Option Challenge Success Failure
Honey.png  ?  ?
Fist.png  ?  ?
Knifeting.png N/A N/A
Mercyhand.png N/A N/A

A Malicious Ushabti[edit]

Option Dangerous Success Failure
Shoot it the moment you see it 2x + 5 
Capture it alive! 120


Early Game[edit]

If possible, one should start with Approach it very casually, and then if the chance to succeed on Expose yourself as bait is at least 50%, then repeatedly take this option. This is the quickest way to defeat the quarry. This result in capturing the rat in a minimum of 5 actions.

Grinding Gratitude[edit]

Later on, a player may wish to return to the department in order to grind Curator's Gratitude. Without having any Moonlight Scales this will take an average of 8 actions, for 100 Curator's Gratitude/action. If a player is willing to spend Moonlight Scales, the optimum strategy is to Lay a shining trail twice and then Expose yourself as bait for an average of 6 actions for 133 Curator's Gratitude/action. This is likely not an optimal grind once you have access to Moonlight Scales, however, because by then, the player should have an easy access to a source of Femur of a Jurassic Beast for the better curator grind. See The Prelapsarian Museum (Guide).