Stoke an argument between the Custodial Chef and the Melancholy Curate

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From: The Fruits of the Zee Festival!

They've been glaring at each other for the whole festival.

Game Instructions: Your Shadowy and Dangerous scores increase the reward.

Unlocked with Sights at the Festival 67 - 76


Vested interests

The Custodial Chef is very protective of the Drownies […] They aren't doing any harm!'

The Curate disagrees. 'They are harming themselves. Though damp, their souls are as precious as ours.'

[…] The Curate retorts. […]

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Alternative Success

A question of authority

It doesn't take much to set them off. A comment that the islanders seem to look to the Chef in spiritual matters, and soon the two men are shouting at each other about ordination and heathenry while their disciples pelt each other with food. […]

Description summary:
Under the cover of the general hubbub, you rifle through the Curate's suitcase and the Chef's recipe book.

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