The Balustraded House in Elderwick

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From: Planning a Heist

The Elusive Countess is recently arrived. Her origins are obscure but her wealth is decidedly apparent. She goes dancing every evening, accompanied by her three dark-eyed maids. Where does she find the time?

Game Instructions: This is a slightly harder heist, likely to garner you Surface-Silk Scraps, Ostentatious Diamonds, and a more valuable reward depending on your choice.

Unlocked with 5 x Favours: Criminals


Behind shuttered windows

The main entrance to the house is barely used. The service entrance, however, is a hive of activity. A […] Malcontented Butler garners you access.[…] avoid the servants' quarters. The Butler tips you a wink - they barely keep a thing in there anyway.

[Find the rest of the story at]

Success Instructions: Build up Casing... to gain access to the story. The higher your Casing goes, the more advantages you'll have going in.

  • Furtivehandsmall.png You've begun planning a burglary of the Elusive Countess' mansion. (Sets Planning a Heist: to 4 - The mansion of the Elusive Countess, where she resides along with her servants.)
  • Keyhole1small.png Your target is Triple-Bolted: quite secure. (Sets Target Security: to 2 - Triple-Bolted)
  • Manaclessmall.png You've lost 5 x Favours: Criminals

Conclusion: The chambers of the Countess