The Enthusiastic Urchin: Christmas Gifts

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The Enthusiastic Urchin has constructed a market stall lined with Fallen London merchandise. Which of his wares interests you most?

Game Instructions: By which we mean, which of the following would you most like to buy if it were available?

Unlocked with The Bazaar's Questions is: This'll only take a moment. Two moments.

Occurs with Unknown Frequency


Merch k&c.png

Knife-and-Candle T shirt

Merch correspondence.png

Correspondence Hoody

Merch velocipedeblack.png

Velocipede Squad T-Shirt

Merch newgate.png

"Property of New Newgate" Mug

Merch tincture.png

FF Gebrandt's Tincture of Vigor Mug

Merch map.png

Map of Fallen London art print

Merch correspondence.png

Correspondence Keychain


None of the above


Actually, I'd rather not see any more of these questions

  •  Spoiler 
    Action Cost: 0




    • Questionsmall.png You've indicated that you'd rather not answer the Bazaar's questions.