The Most Searing Green

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Things pass you – men and women, animals and monsters, a hound with a twitching nose. They cut through the trees without seeing. They do not notice one another, or you. […]

Description summary:
The first paragraph varies based on Ravages of Parabolan Warfare. The last line of the passage varies based on Parabolan Dominance.

RavagesFirst Paragraph
0This is the very edge of Parabola, where many creatures enter their dreams.
1The ravages of battle have almost faded. The damaged plants have recovered; the soil has reclaimed the bodies of those who died here. There are only a few places where a felled log or a scarlet grave mark gives witness of what happened here.
2The ravages of battle are beginning to fade. The trees are still scarred with cat scratches, but the vines are growing back. Bones of serpent and cat have been gathered into two separate piles.
3+The ravages of recent battle are visible everywhere. Deep scratches mark the trees. The vines have been torn down, and their fruit rots on the ground, along with the bodies of the dead.
1 - FingerkingsSome are already pursued by their nightmares, followers out of waking life.
2 - Cats in the Viric JungleThe Viscountess patrols this land, driving back the nightmare-creatures from following their victims.[1]
3 - Cats ThroughoutThe Viscountess presides.
4 - The Red-Handed Queen Throughout(None)
  1. Instead of closing the second paragraph like the rest, this line makes a separate third paragraph.

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Storylet appears in Viric Jungle


Steep your suit in the colours of the Viric jungle
Steep your gown in the colours of the Viric jungle
Greet an old acquaintance