Transform yourself with Self-Reflective Tapenade of Parabolan Orange-Apple

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From: A Kitchen for Artists or Find a quiet corner to eat your Self-Reflective Tapenade of Parabolan Orange-Apple

Make yourself more like the person you ought to be, considering the mirror.

Game Instructions: This offers tiny reductions in your Wounds, Nightmares, Scandal, and Suspicion, and empowers your Reflection. At the moment, that's probably harmless. So far as you know.

Unlocked with Current Culinary Concoction exactly 200 (Concoct a Tapenade of Parabolan Orange-Apple and Concentrate of Self)


A Preparation Well-Received

Comforting and refreshing, the meal banishes doubts and restores balance. You feel like you again – more so with every citrusy bite.

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