Try again to build the station at Moulin

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From: The Next Stretch of Track

The Hillchanger Tower no longer blocks your progress. It is time to build properly.

Unlocked with Involved in a Railway Venture exactly 100, 20 x Hinterland Scrip, Track Laid 3, Approved Station Plans, Terms of an Agreement with the Creditor (hidden)

Locked with Tracklayers' Work Stoppage


Closer to Hell

(see table below)
Station PlansPassage
1 (Consistent)People live out there, implausibly. Perhaps a little less implausibly, now. Thanks to you.
105 (Fortress)Rumour is that the few people living near Moulin do not appreciate the military style […] But their complaints fall on unhearing ears, and the station is built with only minor deviations from the plans […] It is perhaps ten or fifteen percent smaller […]
110 (Defiant)FATE
115 (Infernal)The Tracklayers report an increase in nightmares […] You also encounter a few nay-saying devils who simply must tell you that you've drafted the goat horns so that they curl in the wrong direction, as though that had been your fault personally […]
120 (Bazaarine)The Tracklayers complain mightily about the cost of the stone import, and the amount of marble dust around the place […]

But a few of them do appear captivated by the idea of what they're building. "It's about being part of something, isn't it. […]"

130 (Imperial)Word of the station you're building comes back to London. The Veteran Privy Counsellor requests a tour. The Traitor Empress is said to have expressed her approval (though only in private, and in the strictest confidence).
140 (Wasteland)The Tracklayers report that this station is unusually easy and pleasant to build. The lines of the building fit into the landscape like a cat snuggling into a blanket (their words, not yours).
150 (Surface)[…] "But it would be much better if the surroundings weren't so dreary."

[…] one of the other Tracklayers suggests […] a series of murals all around it, painted to look like green fields […] "No one wants to see what's actually out there, do they? […]"

With Station Plans 1:

With Station Plans 105:

With Station Plans 110:

With Station Plans 115:

With Station Plans 120:

With Station Plans 130:

With Station Plans 140:

With Station Plans 150: