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Find me in Fallen London as Lady Catharine! She is London's Regent, a Paramount Presence, a Correspondent, a Seeker of the Name, and a Steward of the Discordance.

Wiki Projects (To-Do)[edit]

1. Seeking Mr Eaten's Name (Guide) - Currently partway through cleaning up the SMEN guide, tidying up the formatting, making it easier to follow etc. Any suggestions please feel free to let me know! [ON HIATUS]

2. Current Culinary Concoction (Guide) - Considering creating a Neathy cookbook that would consolidate all "ingredients" needed for each recipe, without having to backtrack using A Kitchen for Artists. Would prove most useful for more advanced, multi-step recipes e.g. Curatorial Cocktail.

3. Linking each title on the Addressed as: page

4. Changing the page titles and redirects of Tutorial Prison > New Newgate and New Newgate > New Newgate - Again for in-game accuracy.