Worship with the Devoted Deckhands

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From: Aboard the Delight

Zailors are a superstitious lot. Kneel with them. Observe their rituals.

Unlocked with On the Deck of the Delight exactly 1, Troubled Waters, Sacristan's Benediction

Locked with Nightmares 7, Associating with a Youthful Naturalist 401


Candles for High Mass

Description summary:
The description varies depending on whether you have equipped your Shattered Mask.

yesLabour itself is worship. How the muscles move, the bones, the blood […] Crafting candles […] to burn at the Prester's table […] You will need […] many […] The Prester's table is large; everyone in the world has a seat. But the Wax-Wind has given the crew a bounty […]
noLabour itself is worship, and the zailors are making candles. […] The Wax-Wind has provided[…] with copious material[…] Mingled with the blubber, you discover the Youthful Naturalist. You discover his skin, anyway, turned inside-out. […] His empty sockets stare[…]

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