Zailing the Unterzee

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This location has a card deck. Click the deck to see it.
The regions of the zee through which Zeefarers may zail.

See Category:Zailing the Unterzee for storylets unique to Zailing the Unterzee.

Unlocked with An Explorer of the Unterzee -

Deck Quirks

  • Card deck: Zailing the Unterzee locations use a different base deck from London locations
  • Your hand is reset when you move between Zailing the Unterzee locations.



For Scandal and Suspicion, no special events occur at level 8.

Technical information

This page describes the setting "Zailing the Unterzee".

By default in this setting, you can:

  • change your outfit (but this may be overridden by locations)
  • not open a map
  • not use items in your inventory

Your deck here is unlimited. You do not need to wait to draw a new card.

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