Zailing the Unterzee

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This location has a card deck. Click the deck to see it.
The regions of the zee through which Zeefarers may zail.

See Category:Zailing the Unterzee for storylets unique to Zailing the Unterzee.

Unlocked with An Explorer of the Unterzee -

Deck Quirks

  • Card deck: Zailing the Unterzee locations use a different base deck from London locations
  • Your hand is reset when you move between Zailing the Unterzee locations.


Technical information

This page describes the setting "Zailing the Unterzee".

By default in this setting, you can:

  • change your outfit (but this may be overridden by locations)
  • not open a map
  • not use items in your inventory

Your deck here is unlimited. You do not need to wait to draw a new card.

The following locations are linked to this setting: