Thursday, __th of ____, ____

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Today, we buried Our Beloved Captain, who collapsed from the many Grievous Injuries sustained while on our voyage...

Description summary:
The first line varies with location.

Home WatersHome Waters, due south-southeast of London
Shepherd's WashSouthern Zee, due east-northeast of Port Carnelian
The Sea of VoicesSea of Voices, due south-southeast of Polythreme
The SnaresThe Snares, due south-southwest of Gaider's Mourn

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Game Instructions: Wounds have risen too high. But death at zee is a little unlike death elsewhere.

Unlocked with Wounds 8

Locked with Horsehead Amulet

Storylet appears in Zailing the Unterzee

This storylet autofires once all the prerequisites are met.

You cannot leave this storylet without playing any branches.


Black.png is not a gentle thing to die at Zee