"Silas! You rogue! Times still hard?"

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From: Day 8: Mr Shacksh

Invite him in. Offer him wine and this year's jugged lizard.

Unlocked with 1 x Bottle of Greyfields 1882, Acquaintance: Silas the Showman 1


"Hard enough"

[…] You finish the […] wine, and the wild tales […] grow wilder. Garottings in Mahogany Hall. Masters […] ransoming their blood. […] purges in Hell. The Committee of […] Knife-and-Candle playfully murdering Slowcake's men. "Snakes that walk." […]

Description summary:
You drink together and Silas tells you strange stories. He sleeps in your bath-tub ("safer this way") and leaves in the morning after taking some honey, wine and some change.

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