A Gentleman of Undisclosed Business 2

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From: An Encounter at the Feast

He sits in a bright window-seat in Caligula's, though he'd be better suited to a smoky back room in the Medusa's Head. A hard-bitten gentleman of Spite, pretending he doesn't hate coffee. He gives his usual grim smile. "Rumbled," he says.

Game Instructions: The Gentleman of Undisclosed Business is Shadowy, Dangerous, and Dreaded.

Unlocked with Heart.png Family and Law 4-12 or exactly 350, Adoration.png 40 x Masquing, Couple.png The Cheery Man and the Last Constable: Favouring the Cheery Man

Locked with Lastconstable.png 1 x A Stiff-Backed Young Lady, Cheeryman2.png 1 x A Gentleman of Undisclosed Business


Being someone else


You ask how business has been. "Costly, […] I just need a piece of me that's not the job. A piece that drinks coffee and reads the Gazette and every once in a while goes to see a ____ing play like a normal ___ing person. […] That any use to you?"

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