A Monster-Hunting Academic 2

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From: An Encounter at the Feast

The collision knocks you both to the ground […] "Sorry," she says, scrambling up. "Can't stop. Monsters." In her haste, she has forgotten her umbrella. […] 'Property of the D.M.E., allocated to licensed Eradication Officer 442-A: Kincaid, Sophia'.

Description summary:
A lady attired in a sensible dress and sensible shoes swiftly and nonsensibly whirls around a street corner -- into you.

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Game Instructions: Sophia is Watchful, Persuasive, and Respectable.

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Unlocked with 80 x Masquing

Locked with 1 x A Monster-Hunting Academic

Cost: 50 FATE


No reward narrative information available for Fate-locked actions.