A Sealed Copy of the Crimson Book

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Category: Contraband (Notable Sources)
0.12 Flawed Diamond
0.50 Ostentatious Diamond
12.50 Magnificent Diamond
⌃⌃⌃ 2.00 1:25
312.50 Fabulous Diamond
2.50 London Street Sign
6.00 Use of Villains
12.50 Comprehensive Bribe
60.00 Rookery Password
1562.50 A Sealed Copy
of the Crimson Book

- Mirrorcatch Box
- Apocyan-filled Mirrorcatch Box
- Cosmogone-filled Mirrorcatch Box
- Gant-filled Mirrorcatch Box
- Irrigo-filled Mirrorcatch Box
- Peligin-filled Mirrorcatch Box
- Violant-filled Mirrorcatch Box
- Viric-filled Mirrorcatch Box
- Sun-Stamped
Mirrorcatch Box

- Device for the
Duplication of Bones
- Highly Illegal
Augmentation Device
- Mr Spices' Private Stash
(12.50) Hillmover
(16.50) Shard of Glim the
Size of a Small Child
(20.00) Unassuming Crate
(87.50) Hiding Place of a Peculiar Item

The most stirring, the most wretched, the most savage tales of love and loss are here entombed. It has passed through fire and flood to rest in your hands. Leave it sealed... for now.

This is currently only available from certain special trades.

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It can be sold at the Bazaar:

Selling 625  x Touching Love Story (no message)

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