Sense of Déjà Vu

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Fidgeting Writer
Icon-echo.png0.50 Scaryeye.png Tale of Terror!!
▾ 70% ▾ Icon-echo.png 0.50: Scaryeye.png 1 x
Icon-echo.png2.50 Question.png Sense of Déjà Vu
▾ 70% ▾ Icon-echo.png 0.50: Sunset.png 1 x
Icon-echo.png5.00 Eye.png Glimpse of
Something Larger
▾ 70% ▾ Icon-echo.png 1.00: Scrawl1.png 2 x
Icon-echo.png12.50 Chap3.png Deal with a Devil
▾ 60% ▾ Icon-echo.png 1.00: Bottledsoulblue.png 2 x
Icon-echo.png25.00 Keyhole2.png Room Number
at the Royal Beth
▾ 50% ▾ Icon-echo.png 2.50: Mask.png 1 x
Icon-echo.png62.50 Skull.png Last Hope of
a Fidgeting Writer
▾ 50% ▾ Icon-echo.png 2.50: Implication.png 1 x
Icon-echo.png150.00 Black.png Lens of Black
▾ 50% ▾ Icon-echo.png 2.50: Candleblack.png 1 x
Icon-echo.png312.50 Bottledsoulblue.png Coruscating Soul
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You're sure you've heard about the Mottled Man before... Click on this in your inventory to begin the case of the Fidgeting Writer.

You can create one of these by using a Tale of Terror!! in your inventory.

See Category:Sense of Déjà Vu Gain for how to obtain this item, or click here to show them.

It cannot be bought or sold at the Bazaar.

See Category:Sense of Déjà Vu for pages which require this item, or click here to show them.

A Sense of Déjà Vu

What is it about this poem that's so familiar? The uncanny turn of phrase? The unsettling phantasmagoria? The appearance of a mottled giant and his companions?



Put the thought aside


Track down the Fidgeting Writer