A Stiff-Backed Young Lady 2

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From: An Encounter at the Feast

You see her at a Spite street-party. Her disguise is good, but she's no chimney-sweep. Behind the rags and soot, those blue, unflinching eyes find yours. She shouldn't be here. If her enemies catch her...

Game Instructions: The Stiff-Backed Young Lady is Watchful and Shadowy.

Unlocked with Family and Law 4-12 or exactly 400, 40 x Masquing, The Cheery Man and the Last Constable: Favouring the Constable

Locked with 1 x A Stiff-Backed Young Lady, 1 x A Gentleman of Undisclosed Business



You ask if she's back. "For as long as my cover lasts," she says, and takes your arm. […]

[…] She tells a joke, badly, and laughs at herself. Have you heard her laugh before? Her head settles on your shoulder. "It's better, being someone else," […]

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