A Successful Spirifer

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From: A Flash Lay: a New Scheme

He has a solemn house on Ladybones Road, a handful of subdued servants, and a weekly table at Dante's Grill.

Game Instructions: Your Persuasive and Shadowy should be around 50 before you attempt this.

Locked with Sidebarscandal.png Base Scandal 3, Sidebarnightmares.png Base Nightmares 3, Sidebarsuspicion.png Base Suspicion 3


An infernal masquerade

He has grown proud, and that will be his undoing. Convince him you are one of Hell's agents, and swindle his trove of pilfered souls from him.

Success Instructions: Increase your Progress to 100 to complete this Flash Lay.

Conclusion: Convince the Spirifer that you serve a lower power