A Flash Lay

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A player-created Guide is available for this content: Flash Lays (Guide)

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This location has a card deck. Click the deck to see it.

Flash Lays are confidence tricks: choose a mark, muster your schemes, and avoid suspicion.

Build up your Flash Lay's Progress to 75 and then find an opportunity to complete the Lay and claim your reward. Don't let your menaces get too high.

See Category:A Flash Lay for cards or storylets that are found in this place or location.

See Category:A Flash Lay Moves for actions that change player location to this location.

Unlocked with A Name Signed with a Flourish 3, A Name Whispered in Darkness 3

Main Quality: Watchful, Persuasive, Shadowy

Neither the Bazaar nor any other market is accessible in this location.


  • Card deck: Cards - A Flash Lay
  • The deck in this location is unlimited. You do not need to wait to draw a new card.
  • The hand size in this location is always 3, regardless of your Lodgings.
  • If you leave this location and come back later you will start with an empty hand.

Wiki note: This does not actually exist as a distinct location in-game - it is how Your Activities appears in the setting A Fancy Lay.