Accept a share of the extremely dusty crates

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From: Intervene in a Dockers' Brawl

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Description summary:
The description varies based on your level of Taking Sides at a Brawl

Taking Sides at a BrawlDescription
1The owner can keep the rest to supply her next outgoing ship.
2The rest will feed someone, though perhaps not in any very glamorous fashion.
3These can go all the way at the back of your pantry.

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Unlocked with Brawling with Dockers 100, Taking Sides at a Brawl 1-9


Dubiously delicious


There's a rumour that these biscuits were made for the Napoleonic War, fell with London[…]. They are […] disconcertingly plentiful, after all this time.

All this may be some trouble to take back to [domicile]. Perhaps you had better hire a wagon.

Description summary:
The final paragraph makes reference to your current domicile.

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A Spare Bedroomyour spare bedroom
Lair in the Marshesyour marsh lair
Cottage by the Observatoryyour cottage
Rooms above a Bookshopyour rooms above the bookshop
Rooms above a Gambling Denyour gambling den
Handsome Townhouseyour townhouse
Rooftop Shackyour shack
Decommissioned Steameryour steamer
A Smoky Flophouseyour flophouse
The Deep Cellars of Old Newgatethe Old Newgate cellars
A Zee-Znail's Zhellthe zee-znail's shell
A Dripstone-Snared Third City Sub-Templethe third city sub-temple
A guest room at the Brass Embassythe Brass Embassy
A Room at the Royal Bethlehem Hotelthe Royal Beth
Premises at the Bazaarthe Bazaar
A Sanctum at the Brass Embassyyour sanctum at the Brass Embassy
A Suite at the Royal Bethlehemyour suite at the Royal Beth
A Spire-Emporium of the Bazaarthe spires of the Bazaar