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From December 1st to the 25th, FBG will release an access code every day at noon GMT. It may give anything, from little trinkets to rare or even previously fate-locked items.

Visit the Fallen London Advent Calendar for the newest access codes! This is simply an archive of the story snippets which accompany each code.

December 1st[edit]

Bazaardoor paper.png

Access Code:

The Bazaar rations and licenses Christmas cards. Wisely! They are perilous and subversive harbingers of a peculiar tradition. But hush: here are additional cards, escaped through the Paper Door.


This has given you seven Potential Christmas Cards. Send them before Christmas, from your lodgings!

From 2nd December until Christmas Day, you will receive new Christmas cards each week via Time, the Healer.

December 2nd[edit]


Access Code:

Something beige blurs past your window, followed by a yelp from street level. Childish giggles erupt from your dormer. The Fisher-Kings have landed another catch.


"'Ere, longshanks!" An urchin clambers down to an open window. "This one smells bad, and 's'too big for Little Billy's 'ead." A pause. "Fanks for lettin' us use your roof an' stuff."

Equipped in your Hat slot, this increases Watchful and Respectable.

December 3rd[edit]


Access Code:

A parcel, ramrod straight, deposited through your letterbox. The wrapping is reminiscent of a butchers, but comes sealed with the sigils of the stall-holders of the famous Bone Market. What could be contained within?


Bones! What a festive delight! You can make them into wreaths or wend them into the tree or, with a sufficiency of them, put together a festive skeleton! What seasonal thrills, what a hallowed delight! You'll never need to worry about decorations again now you have your surfeit of bones!

December 4th[edit]


Access Code:

Someone has enlisted an urchin to stand in the false-snow outside your lodgings and hand out tins of something.


"New! From Murgatroyd's," the child proudly declares. You're almost afraid to ask what's inside. The label proclaims that these are MURGATROYD'S patented JELLIED MUSHROOM CAKES, a NEW(-ish) INVENTION to DELIGHT and ASTONISH – it goes on like this for some time.

December 5th[edit]


Access Code:

A sprinkling of lacre's come early this year. Your doorstep is rank with fishy-smelling white goo. Happy Christmas-to-come.


Ah, lacre. The Neath's answer to snow. Lacre-men always seem watchful. Lacre-capped roofs tingle with sinister phosphorescence. Lacre dissolves in water only reluctantly, like a guest who hopes to find space in your box-room.

[Use this in your inventory to learn more about lacre or acquire a Destiny.]

December 6th[edit]


Access Code:

Your Aunt has called by to ensure that your Lodgings are appropriately decorated. She prattles on over tea, then stops abruptly, blushes, and sees herself out. She let something slip.


Her cherished recipe for scones! Now you know her secrets, it'll be scones for breakfast, dinner and tea. Everyone loves a scone.

December 7th[edit]


Access Code:

A sound, downstairs at midnight. A burglar…?


Someone has left… something in the centre of your parlour. Was it a gift? Or did you disturb them at their midnight work?

December 8th[edit]


Access Code:

A postman shivers on your doorstep. He has a message that will one day be for you. He hopes you know what this means.


And in the coils where time will pool like shadow, the Seven-Serpent will whisper in your ear…

December 9th[edit]


Access Code:

A parcel wrapped in seven colours of silk. The card reads A PEACE OFFERING.


'We've had our differences. But this is Christmas. Best wishes, the Fallen London Probably Random Number Algorithm'

December 10th[edit]


Access Code:

The Shivering Relicker is doing brisk business tonight on Moloch Street. But where's Pinnock? "Take these," she pleads. "I'll pay you."


"Merry Christmas. Just – keep them away from requiems. Carols. Wells. Lacre."

December 11th[edit]


Access Code:

A seasonal gift to the city, from a mysterious and wealthy benefactor. Parcelled up on every doorstep, unwrapped it provokes both wonder and confusion...


A panoply of panels; a diorama of lenses! A gadget of intricate brass design complete with a leather-bound case containing a hundred neatly arranged slides. Placing each before the lenses transports one to a phantasia of kaleidoscopic wonders! Shattering a lens is no obstacle to its pleasure: the fractures are, if anything, even more arresting than the whole.

  • Note: Best in Slot Watchful Item

December 12th[edit]


Access Code:

A new tradition has begun in London: children write out their hopes, adults their wishes, and they stick them to any statue of an angel they can find.


'More tin soldiers! And fungal jungle stalks to scale!' 'Safe zees, and peace in the Neath.' 'In the event of unscheduled overflow, fly from London. The air is the only refuge; glide until the lacre subsides.' 'A dolly! But better than my old one.'

December 13th[edit]


Access Code:

You wake to a clattering of bones. Their rattle advances towards your bedroom door.


The glow of your candle sends rats scattering from under a heap of dark fabric. Beneath it, you find a note that reads, We saw this and thought of you. The words are crossed out and followed by, We saw you and thought of this.

You shake the thing out at arms length and discover a dark cloak with delicate bones stitched into the lining.

[Equipped to your clothing slot, this item increases Shadowy, Dangerous, and Bizarre.]

December 14th[edit]


Access Code:

At the back of the Blind Helmsman, a Frostbitten Midshipman shivers by the fire. She says she travelled with a Merchant Venturer to a frozen Northern door. For a mulled cider, she'll tell you what was behind it.


The High Wilderness! An unblemished frontier of endless night, awash with potential. The Merchant Venturer is out there, plying the wind-roads of the void. Where one has gone, may others follow?

December 15th[edit]


Access Code:

A crash of plates announces an interloper in your pantry. It's scarred. It's patchy. It has less than the customary number of ears. But there is a calm wisdom in its little eyes.


And oho! Look at what it's got in its mouth.

December 16th[edit]


Access Code:

Someone at the door! How jolly, how quaint: a seasonal visitor! Best hope they don't prick their fingers on your holly-wreath...


Ouch! Perfidy! Calumny! A sock to your nose and the visitor is running pell-mell off into the fog. Funny, they've left something behind on your step. A pair of pugilist's gloves, slightly used. A note attached reads: a gift in anticipation of St Stephen's day...

December 17th[edit]


Access Code:

"Catch!" the Igneous Correspondent shouts. He tosses something in a glittering arc and is gone, with the Ministry of Public Decency in flapping pursuit.


A soul! A pale, still soul, watching you from inside its bottle with an unusual degree of tranquillity.

December 18th[edit]


Access Code:

What is this place? A sky of fire and names, a sea of pale tears?


This dream is over. Perhaps something remained.

[This has raised your Putting the Pieces Together: the Taste of Lacre quality. You'll be able to trade it for rewards in January.]

December 19th[edit]


Access Code:

Something scratches at the outside of your door like a presumptuous cat. What now?


There's no one there. The street is deserted. But someone has hung a glittering wreath on your front door. Ah – no, hang on. This isn't a wreath at all…

[Equipped in your Hat slot, this will raise your Dangerous and Persuasive.]

December 20th[edit]


Access Code:

A bat is flitting outside your window rather energetically. It seems it's trying to get your attention!


You open your window. No, it is not your attention; rather, the bat is trying to get a rise from a little mechanical bird someone has left on your windowsill. It must have been placed there recently, too; the lacre has not yet built up around it.

December 21st[edit]


Access Code:

A smiling woman in an unfamiliar uniform, with eyes like moon-pearls, raps at your door. "Drink deep!" she says, handing you a steaming mug.


That steam! Inhale it and feel your synapses snap and your sinuses crackle.

[Drinking Darkdrop Coffee will refresh ten actions. Find it in your inventory.]

December 22nd[edit]


Access Code:

On the outskirts of the bone market, a small crowd has been lured by a stall-keeper's giveaway.


"You! A Londoner of taste and distinction," the seller calls, beckoning you closer. "The finest bristles! Polished wood from the Surface! See the quality for yourself!" The palaeontologist's brush is indeed superior. The seller leans close to you and winks. "Easily concealed in the top of your boot, yes?" You turn the brush over in your hands. Its end is stake-sharp. What do they think you're digging up?

[Equipped in your Boots slot, the Completely Unassuming Palaeontological Accessory increases your Dangerous, Persuasive, and Respectable.]

December 23rd[edit]


Access Code:

A fussy neighbour has brought you a small gift: it is an angel, meant to top a Christmas tree. "I picked it up for a song at the pawn shop!" she cries. "And I thought you could rather use a better one."


The angel itself is shabby. Its dress is stained, its face obviously glued back together after being dropped. But its diadem positively glows. Indeed, you pop the little jewel from its crown, and – oh, god! This is no ordinary stone! This is – yes!

December 24th[edit]


Access Code:

Ahahaha... Excuse me. We do beg your pardon. 'Ho ho ho.'


"Do you recall how we came to that place? And they sang of their lightnings and shapeful disgrace? And we tilted our vanes and ennobled our spires. They welcomed us then and commingled all choirs. And not enough, not enough. Still It mourns, and still waits the Sun."

December 25th[edit]


Access Code:

In Fallen London, it is Christmas. But wherever, whoever and whenever you are, Failbetter Games wishes you the best imaginable holiday of your dearest preference. We'll see you in 2023!


Meet, drink, and be many, for tomorrow They may dine.

Speculation on rewards[edit]

Based on an analysis from previous years we know:

  • The rewards of Dec 1st and 25th have consistently been the same.
  • Most rewards stick around for a couple of years, but there's always some changes each year.

Rewards from 2021[edit]

The following list shows the rewards from 2021, as well as unique rewards from 2020. The brackets shows which years they have been in the calendar, starting from 2013. Rewards that have become traditions are unlikely to change, but there are always some changes from one year to the next.

Unique rewards from 2021:

Unique equipment from previous years:

Rewards from 2021: