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Before you came down here, you heard through a contact here that she had a line on a diamond "the size of a cow". She did tend to exaggerate. But even if it's only the size of, say, a pig, or even a kitten, it's worth your time.

Locked with Ambition: Heart's Desire!, Ambition: Nemesis, Ambition: Light Fingers!, Ambition: Bag a Legend!, Obscurity 4 (hidden)

Storylet appears in Spite


Find out what happened to your contact, the Fading Music-Hall Singer.
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    Unlocked with Shadowy 6



    You have chosen this Ambition.

    • Lightfingerssmall.png Boldly done! You have chosen an Ambition! (Sets Ambition: Light Fingers! to 1 - Investigate the Fading Music-Hall Singer in Spite)