Find out what happened to your contact, the Fading Music-Hall Singer.

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From: Ambition: Light Fingers! 0

Game Instructions: This is an Ambition: a major storyline with enormous rewards if you reach the end. Once you've picked an Ambition, it is very hard to change it. Choose carefully! You can find other Ambitions in other areas, via the Travel button above.

Your Shadowy and Persuasive qualities are most important for this Ambition.

Unlocked with Shadowy 6, A Name Signed with a Flourish, A Name Whispered in Darkness


You have chosen this Ambition.

Of course, by the time you got out of New Newgate she'd disappeared. No one seems to know how, or where, or they're not prepared to admit it.
  • Lightfingerssmall.png Boldly done! You have chosen an Ambition! (Sets Ambition: Light Fingers! to 1 - Investigate the Fading Music-Hall Singer in Spite)