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Before you came down here, you heard through a contact here that she had a line on a diamond 'the size of a cow'. She did tend to exaggerate. But even if it's only the size of, say, a pig, or even a kitten, it's worth your time.

Ambition: Light Fingers! starts out as a heist story and turns into something much darker, and as such is the only Ambition that offers players a free opportunity to switch to another Ambition. The main attributes are Shadowy and Persuasive.

For more information on Ambitions and choosing between them, consult the Ambitions guide.


This Ambition can be started in Spite with Shadowy 6. You can check your progress at any time on the Myself tab under Ambition; the number after the Ambition title is the part of the story you're currently on. This can be helpful when you're unsure where to go next; just find the corresponding part number below.

Searching for the Fading Music-Hall Singer (0–16)[edit]

0–2: Track down your contact, the Fading Music-Hall Singer, in Spite.

3–5: Investigate the Painting Fragment in Veilgarden.

6–11: Mr Fires' Representative in Wolfstack Docks. If you haven't yet done so, you'll need to reach A Name Scrawled In Blood 4 by advancing through all the fighting rings in Watchmaker's Hill; this will give you access to Wolfstack.

12: Ambition: Light Fingers! 12: But what does it mean? ( Persuasive 47) This storylet appears in multiple locations, but you'll only find the information you need in one of them.

13: Ambition: Light Fingers! 13 in Spite: Sneak into Mahogany Hall ( Shadowy 47) to find Hephaesta.

14: Ambition: Light Fingers! 14 at The Singing Mandrake: Meet with Hephaesta.

15–16: Search The Forgotten Quarter for the Faded Music-Hall Singer.

A Mystery of Sisters (17–36)[edit]

The Sisters (17–24)[edit]

17–18a: Listen to the singer in Veilgarden

18b–19: A state of some confusion

20–21: The Drownies at Wolfstack Docks

22–24: The singer is recovering in Veilgarden

Who is Poor Edward? (25–36)[edit]

25: Ambition: Light Fingers! 25 at Mrs Plenty's Carnival: You have three options to find out more about Poor Edward via the Star-gazing Roustabout:

26: Ambition: Light Fingers! 26 in Spite: Bring 200 x Piece of Rostygold and the Locket Depicting Twin Sisters ( Shadowy 72).

  • Succeed or fail, you will progress the story. You keep the Rostygold if you succeed; if you fail, you lose the Rostygold and go immediately to New Newgate Prison (and will need to reduce Suspicion to 0 in order to escape again), this does not raise your Criminal Record. If you have not yet gotten Acquaintance: the Repentant Forger because you have wisely avoided raising your Criminal Record and stayed out of prison, then now is a good time to do so since this opportunity is practically consequence-free, presuming that you can draw the card. Equip either a Woesel or a Talkative Rattus Faber (if you're poor) to help in purposefully failing this check.

27: Ambition: Light Fingers! 27 at Mrs Plenty's Carnival: Try once more to locate the Star-gazing Roustabout ( Persuasive 72).

28–29: Searching Winewound Heath, beginning at Your Lodgings

28: Ambition: Light Fingers! 28: You'll need 3 x Vision of the Surface to prepare for your search.

29: Ambition: Light Fingers! 29: Search the cottage ( Shadowy 72).

30–32: Do some poking around at Wolfstack Docks

33: Ambition: Light Fingers! 33 in Spite: Ask the orphans of Spite about the Orphanage ( Shadowy 82).

34: Ambition: Light Fingers! 34 in Veilgarden: Meet with Hephaesta ( Persuasive 82) and get the Locket Depicting Twin Sisters back.

35: Ambition: Light Fingers! 35 in Spite: Plan to break into the Orphanage.

36: Ambition: Light Fingers! Lunching with the Enemy: Accept Poor Edward's invitation and obtain a Bag of Lethean Tea-Leaves.

  • Between now and the end of the next (Orphanage) section, you can use the tea-leaves to forget this Ambition and choose another. If you don't use the tea-leaves by part 47 (The Escape), you will lose them.

The Orphanage (37–47)[edit]

You will cross the Labyrinth to get to The Orphanage.

The Labyrinth has pretty tough Shadowy challenges, so maybe arm yourself with Hastily Scrawled Warning Note or two (or more), and have low Wounds and Nightmares when entering.

To enter, you need at least 800 x Foxfire Candle Stub. These aren't consumed upon entry; instead, each step consumes 50 of them, and if you cannot make enough progress, your only option is to leave, and lose all progress. So it's best to over-provision, and come in with ~2000 candles. Oversupplied candles are not lost, and can later be used for other things.

The Labyrinth (37–42)[edit]

40: Ambition: Light Fingers! The Creature in the Labyrinth, Shadowy 103

41: Ambition: Light Fingers! The Blind Cartographer

42: Ambition: Light Fingers! The Candle, gives you Everlasting Candle, needs one of

The Orphanage (43–47)[edit]

43: Ambition: Light Fingers! The Orphanage

44: Ambition: Light Fingers! the Hulking Orderly

Now you can enter the Orphanage. Note that you can leave and return at will during this section.

45: In The Silent Corridors of the Orphanage, you will encounter high Shadowy and Persuasive checks. Successes will raise Exploring the Orphanage, which is needed to access certain rooms. Failures will increase Attracting Attention in the Orphanage, which you do not want to do.

The White Corridors storylet gives you two options, at Shadowy 124 or Persuasive 110, either of which can give you your first point of Exploring the Orphanage. Now you can begin searching the rooms.

Step by step:

If Attracting Attention in the Orphanage reaches 6 (which requires only 6 CP total, since you start at 5), Edward will catch you and bury you alive. The only way out of that is to either slowly increase your wounds until you die, and embark on a slow boat passing a dark beach on a silent river; or, with Attending to the Needs of a Singular Plant 5, rely on botanical assistance. Either way, once you're back home, return to the orphanage to get back on track.

Once you've found the sisters and the Roof Key, it's time to Escape. And decide what to do about the Orphanage. Whatever you choose, once you play this storylet, your Bag of Lethean Tea-Leaves is gone; if you want out of this Ambition after that, visit the Fate page and choose "Reset your Ambition (50 Fate)".

Dr Vaughan's Encampment (48–54)[edit]

Make sure to check all the requirements from this section before Zailing, for example you have no option to lower your Scandal or obtain many of the required items after you have left London.

48–49: Ambition: Light Fingers! - Taking Care of Clarabelle (Back to London), Persuasive 127 challenge

50: Ambition: Light Fingers! Seeking Dr. Vaughan, at The University, needs 20 x Volume of Collated Research

51: Ambition: Light Fingers! The Southern Archipelago, at A Secluded Coastline (you need to Zail to get here)

52: Ambition: Light Fingers! - Meeting Doctor Vaughan, Persuasive 130

53: Ambition: Light Fingers! Doctor Vaughan Explains (Requires Respectable 7, Scandal < 3 and not having Unwelcome at the University -)

54: Ambition: Light Fingers! Scientific Requirements (Requires 1 x Nodule of Warm Amber, 24 x Amanita Sherry, 20 x Correspondence Plaque, 2 x Puzzle-Damask Scrap, 20 x Aeolian Scream, 2 x Whirring Contraption)

Preparing an Expedition to the Roof (55–65)[edit]

55: Ambition: Light Fingers – Preparing an Expedition to the Roof

Getting Ready to Fly (you need three points):

60: Light Fingers: Edward and the Clay Men

65: Light Fingers: Leaving London

Castles in the Ceiling (70–160)[edit]

You will use your Zeppelin to visit and milk the moon-mother.

You can return to London for the cost of five actions, and go back to the Castles in the Ceiling for another action. You'll have to do this round-trip at least twice to lower your Nightmares, and more often if you don't have the items prepared that you need to advance.

70: Light Fingers: Intrusion, needs one of:

75: Light Fingers: Through the Dead, needs one of:

80: Light Fingers: Being Followed


90: Light Fingers: A Second Coming


120: Light Fingers: Ready the Milk

150: Light Fingers: A Place for the Impossible

155: Light Fingers: A Parting of Ways

160: Light Fingers: The Starved Men's Requirements 3000 x Lump of Lamplighter Beeswax, 30 x Memory of Light, 1 x Searing Enigma, 25 x Muscaria Brandy, 1 x Night-Whisper

The Skin of the Sun (165–190)[edit]

165: Light Fingers: The Skin of the Sun

170: Light Fingers: Atop the Spire

175: Light Fingers: A Painstaking Descent Needs one of:

180: Light Fingers: The Boiling Sky 1 x Drownie Song of the Deep

185: Light Fingers: Lost in the Isn't Requires you to reduce 3 x Lost in the Is-Not to 0, each step needs one of:

190: Light Fingers: A Perilous Pilgrimage Requires one of

Parabolan Base-Camp (195–240)[edit]

Parabola is a dream-land behind the mirrors, and you will need to gain access to it to advance your Ambition.

If you already have Access to a Parabolan Base-Camp, this part will be easy. If not, you have basically two options:

The Parabola (Guide) has some hints as to how to obtain the necessary items, and what other preparations you can make to enter Parabola. If you go there for the ambition, nothing stops you from doing other business there.

In the course of this ambition, you will be jumping a lot between London and Parabola; each time you enter, it costs 100 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey, or 50 of them if you are a Silverer. It might be worth it change your profession for that, and for unlocking Parabola in the first place.

195: Light Fingers: A Long-awaited Return

200: Light Fingers: Baseless Speculation


205-207: Light Fingers: Establishing a Parabolan Base-camp

215: Light Fingers: Bring Dr Vaughan and Clara to Safety 35 x Memory of Light, plus another 15 x Memory of Light for each time you fail a Shadowy 180 challenge,

220: Light Fingers: Safety at Last

225: Light Fingers: The Hookman House Caper Back in London, Shadowy 180, needs and consumes

Failing the challenge consumes some of the resources.


235: Light Fingers: The Search for Mr Vaughan

240: Light Fingers: The Missing Husband

An Old Enemy (245–275)[edit]

You will lay a trap for Poor Edward to free Hephaesta; afterwards you bring her to your Parabolan Base-Camp where she can recover from being drugged.

245: Light Fingers: A Message from an Old Enemy

250: Light Fingers: A Dinner with Poor Edward

254: Light Fingers: The Third Gift

255: Light Fingers: The Lure is Cast, 500 x Stolen Correspondence, 20 x Strong-Backed Labour, 3 x Uncanny Incunabulum, 3 x Favours: The Docks, 3 x Favours: Urchins, Locked with Wounds, Nightmares

260: Light Fingers: The Lure is Cast 2

265: Light Fingers: Poor Edward's Proposal

270: Light Fingers: Hephaesta's Condition 5 x Bottle of Greyfields 1868 First Sporing (which you lose even if you fail a Persuasive 170 challenge)

275: Light Fingers: A Shelter from the Zee (back in Parabolan Base-Camp) Needs one of:

Preparing an Impossible Birth (279–284)[edit]

You will need to a arrange a Counterfeit Constellation, and reunite the sisters, which involves, depending on your previous choices, tracking down the Faded Music-hall singer by spending favours and cryptic clues, or dying and convincing the Boatman to let you take her back. If you go this route, and plan to persuade the Boatman, make sure you assemble all the necessary Unusual and Touching Love-Stories before you die, and also get rid (convert, sell or use) your Romantic Notions, since you lose them if you fail the check.

279–284: Light Fingers: Necessities

284: Light Fingers: From Above

Poor Edward and Mr. Fires (285–309)[edit]

You still need a Moon-Silk Swaddling for the birth of hybrid, and Mr. Fires is the only one who can provide it.

He proposes a deal: Remember that, in the beginning, it was all about a diamond the size of a cow? He'll give you that, in exchange for the hybrid -- after it has been born, of course.

285: Light Fingers: Another Meeting with Poor Edward (gives you a Smiling Mask if you agree or play along)

287: (Only applies if you didn't agree to play along marrying Poor Edward)

290: Light Fingers: The Painter's Studio

295: Light Fingers: The Painted Door, needs one of:

300: Light Fingers: Mr Fires' Ultimatum

302: Light Fingers: Mr Fires' Ultimatum 2

306: Light Fingers: Mr Fires' Ultimatum 3

307: Light Fingers: Mr Fires' Ultimatum 4

308: Light Fingers: Mr Fires' Ultimatum 5

309: Light Fingers: Mr Fires' Ultimatum 6 or Light Fingers: An Unburnt Archive

Light Fingers: The Fourth Gift

The Birthing (310–345)[edit]

310: Light Fingers: A Tap-Tap-Tapping

315: Light Fingers: The Moment is at Hand in Parabolan Base-Camp, needs 1000 x Shard of Glim

320: Light Fingers: The Moment is at Hand 2

330: Light Fingers: A Difficult Labour

332: Light Fingers: Something New

335: Light Fingers: A False-Star Born

340: Light Fingers: A False-Star Born 2

345: Light Fingers: The Aftermath

The Raising (350–360)[edit]

350: Light Fingers: A Family Visit Five times you have to wait 24 hours and then feed the hybrid a Nodule of Pulsating Amber and other things, see Light Fingers: A Family Visit for details. Your choice of supplied food influences whether it comes out more monster-like or more human-like.

360: Light Fingers: The Rejuvenated Music-hall Singer

Abduction (360–374)[edit]

You go to sleep, and have a very nasty dream where you meet Poor Edward, and wake up to find the hybrid stolen from the Parabolan Base-Camp.

360: Ambition – A Good Night's Sleep

365: Light Fingers: The Burial of the Dead

370: Light Fingers: The Hybrid, Stolen

372: Light Fingers: The Calm After the Storm

374: Light Fingers: The Calm After the Storm 2

Reclaimation (375–400)[edit]

You have to reclaim the Hybrid, and for that you need help (which in turn costs lots of resources, once again).

Preparations (375)[edit]

375: Light Fingers: Prepare to Reclaim The Hybrid

First you need

If you seek help from the Duchess, you'll do

Your other option is to find and appease the Boil of Calamities:

Then you need to Check your preparations are complete, which requires

Take heart, this is the last (or second to last, depending on a later choice) big item investment into this ambition. You're nearly there!

The Wedding (385)[edit]


386: Light Fingers: The Wedding 2

390: Light Fingers: A Final Proposal

395: Light Fingers: Poor, Poor Edward OR Light Fingers: Poor Edward's Dilemma

397: Light Fingers: The Fate of Poor Edward OR Light Fingers: Marrying a Monster (gives you Smiling Mask and A Loyal Nightmare of Poor Edward)

400: Light Fingers: Leaving Nightmares Behind

The Hybrid's Fate (405–End)[edit]

405: Light Fingers: The Hybrid's Fate: Choose wisely.


Unlike the other Ambitions, there is no need to wait 24 hours for a resolution. You have already waited for several days when the Hybrid was growing up.

Have Hephaesta complete her moon-milk withdrawal and complete her acquisition of zee-knowledge - and gain some research assistance.

Ask Hephaesta to help you from Parabola

Long-Term Rewards[edit]

Eventually, Hephaesta recovers, and she becomes a potential research assistant. She is best with anything related to cartography (most notably, giving extra options for both the smaller and larger projects for Survey of the Neath's Bones, and creating a Cartographer's Hoard).

In addition, you can receive the following items during the ambition, depending on your choices:

And (probably) most importantly, you get a Treasure and a monthly reward based on the chosen fate of the Hybrid.

Ambition Rewards
Ending Treasure Rewards of Ambition
Gave Mr. Fires the Hybrid A Kitten-Sized Diamond, Liberated from the Mountain Enjoy the satisfaction of possessing an incomparable diamond
Smuggled the Hybrid to the celling A False-Star of your Own Enjoy the knowledge that the Hybrid is safe

Pretty early progress also unlocks a a slightly favourable option in Cave of the Nadir on the card Lost at Sea

Items needed[edit]

This is an attempt to list all possible items needed in Light Fingers, for help with planning. The quantities listed are the fewest you can get away with (min), and the most you will need (max). This list only includes items that can be found outside of this Ambition; items like the Painting Fragment that are unique to Light Fingers are listed elsewhere. This does not include all the Drop of Prisoner's Honey that you need to enter Parabola.

Item Min Max Parts
Aeolian Scream 20 25 54, 55
Alluring Accomplice 0 1 284
Amanita Sherry 32 32 15, 54
Ambiguous Eolith 0 5 350
Ancient Hunting Rifle 0 Unbounded 70[1]
Antique Mystery 5 8 55, 207, 375
Appalling Secret 0 270 35, 375
Bazaar Permit 0 5 2010
Blackmail Material 0 8 287, 2010
Bottle of Fourth City Airag: Year of the Tortoise 0 5 350
Bottle of Greyfields 1868 First Sporing 5 Unbounded 270[2]
Bottle of Greyfields 1879 150 150 15
Bottle of Greyfields 1882 30 30 4a
Bottle of Morelways 1872 10 260 350, 375
Bottle of Strangling Willow Absinthe 100 Unbounded 225[3]
Bright Brass Skull 0 1 2020
Captain Amelia Whitlock 0 1 284[4]
Cellar of Wine 0 3 55, 75
Compromising Document 100 Unbounded 225[5]
Confident Smile 1 Unbounded 230[6]
Correspondence Plaque 20 45 54, 85
Cryptic Clue 0 Unbounded 284[7], 287[8], 295, 2040[9]
Diary of the Dead 0 2 275
Drop of Prisoner's Honey 150 1301 206, 375
Emergency Blunderbuss 0 25 85
Engraved Pewter Tankard 0 10 284
Entry in Slowcake's Exceptionals 0 1 375
Extraordinary Implication 0 15 85, 185
F.F. Gebrandt's Superior Laudanum 50 Unbounded 175, 225[10]
F.F. Gebrandt's Tincture of Vigour 0 1 18b
Favour in High Places 0 5 284
Favours: Bohemians 0 Unbounded 284[11]
Favours: Constables 1 6 55, 225
Favours: Criminals 0 8 55, 284[11]
Favours: Fingerkings 0 3 375
Favours: Society 0 3 375
Favours: The Docks 3 9 255, 284, 295
Favours: Urchins 3 6 255, 284[11]
Fistful of Surface Currency 200 200 23
Flask of Abominable Salts 0 175 55, 2020
Foxfire Candle Stub 900 Unbounded 37[12], 37-39[13], 42, 375[14]
Hastily Scrawled Warning Note 0 5 35
Infernal Sharpshooter's Rifle 1 1 375
Jade Fragment 0 2000 287
Key to a Lair in the Marshes 0 1 55[4]
Live Specimen 0 2 350
London Street Sign 0 5 42
Lump of Lamplighter Beeswax 3000 3100 160, 2020
Majestic Pleasure Yacht 0 1 284[4]
Maniac's Prayer 50 975 85, 190, 375
Memory of Distant Shores 2 38 35, 185
Memory of Light 65 1126 160, 185, 207, 215
Midnight Matriarch 0 1 275
Moon-Pearl 0 500 7, 25
Mourning Candle 0 1 2030
Muscaria Brandy 25 50 85, 160
Nevercold Brass Sliver 0 400 31
Night-Trimmed Frock Coat 1 1 225
Night-Whisper 2 2 105, 160
Nodule of Deep Amber 0 1250 55
Nodule of Pulsating Amber 6 6 115, 350
Nodule of Trembling Amber 0 5 55
Nodule of Warm Amber 1 1 54
Ostentatious Diamond 0 6 375
Parabola-Linen Scrap 0 4 203
Parabolan Defences 2 2 375
Parabolan Orange-apple 0 1 350
Penny 0 12500 2010
Personal Recommendation 0 2 375
Phosphorescent Scarab 0 250 350
Piece of Rostygold 200 5700 26[15], 44, 284
Portfolio of Souls 0 5 350
Primaeval Hint 2 2 55, 115
Puzzle-Damask Scrap 2 2 54
Puzzling Map 0 10 55[16], 190, 284
Rat on a String 0 3500 350, 375
Ratwork Derringer 1 1 375
Ravenglass Knife 0 1 375, 375
Relic of the Fourth City 20 20 15
Romantic Notion 0 99 235
Sapphire 0 16 287, 375
Scrap of Incendiary Gossip 0 200 375
Searing Enigma 1 3 160, 284, 375
Shard of Glim 16000 20600 20, 55, 284, 315, 2020
Skyglass Knife 10 10 375
Solacefruit 0 5 350
Soul 25 25 15
Stolen Correspondence 500 500 255
Storm-Threnody 10 10 375
Strong-Backed Labour 23 23 55, 255
Sworn Statement 0 5 375
Tale of Terror!! 100 160 185, 375
The Pirate-Poet 0 1 275[4]
Touching Love Story 0 10 284
Uncanny Incunabulum 8 10 85, 207, 255, 375
Unusual Love Story 0 1 284
Venom-Ruby 0 6 375
Vision of the Surface 3 88 28, 75, 185
Volume of Collated Research 50 50 50, 375
Whirring Contraption 2 2 54
Whispered Hint 6 1256 2a, 55
Zee-Ztory 0 160 185, 275
  1. The Rifle is not spent on success, but failure does not advance the Ambition.
  2. Requires 5 which are spent on success, but failure costs 5 and does not advance the Ambition.
  3. Requires 100 which are spent on success, but failure costs 65 and does not advance the Ambition.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 Not spent
  5. Requires 100 which are spent on success, but failure costs 20 and does not advance the Ambition.
  6. Requires 1 which is spent on success, but failure also costs 1 and does not advance the Ambition.
  7. Requires 5000 which are spent on success, but failure costs 1000 and does not advance the Ambition.
  8. Requires 300 which are spent on success, but failure also costs 300 and does not advance the Ambition.
  9. Requires 100 which are spent on success, but failure also costs 100 and does not advance the Ambition.
  10. Requires 50 which are spent on success, but failure costs 1 and does not advance the Ambition.
  11. 11.0 11.1 11.2 Requires 3 which are spent on success, but failure costs 1 and does not advance the Ambition.
  12. Requires 800 to enter the Labyrinth, but as few as 650 can be spent with extremely lucky checks, or 750 using only Attribute checks.
  13. 50 are spent with each attempt, progress is only made on success, and leaving the labyrinth resets all progress without refunding the Stubs spent.
  14. Requires 100 which are spent on success, but failure costs 50 without advancing the Ambition.
  15. Requires 200 Rostygold but it is not lost on success.
  16. Requires 3 to unlock but only spends 2.