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Images! Icons! Pictures![edit]

Articles now show small images next to the item and quality links for

Most of this converting-to-{{IL}} work was done by my bot, so there might be a few hiccups, but I believe no major breakage has occurred so far.

Speaking of which...

Card locations[edit]

Previously, cards only drawn in certain places used "Unlocked with = in [Place] (only drawn here)" or similar constructs. I asked my bot to convert those to a dedicated "location" parameter, and it did that pretty well if you ask me =)

Action results[edit]

In my previous blog I explained my ideas for improving Cards and Storylets. This is live now for a few weeks and seems to work nicely. Happiness ^_^

Items also include their item action storylet (what happens when you click on the item in your inventory) right on the item page, using the same template.


Redirects have been created for all pages whose title starts with single or double quotes (' or "). This means they can now be found easily from the search bar!


Finally (and I'm sure not many editors will have noticed, but still felt like I should mention it somewhere official), this new template can be used for adding images to action results. It takes the item/quality name as parameter (such as {{I|Zee-Ztory}}) and produces the small version of its associated image, complete with article backlink when clicking on the image:

  • Waves3small.png

This uses the same image database as {{IL}}, which should be fairly complete by now, and hopefully will make updating images easier across the wiki as added benefit. Most action result files have been converted to the new format (again, by my bot).

That's it from my side for today, sorry for the interruption and have a great week!