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(Check Puzzling Map or any other item page!)

I don't know much about writing blogs, so please bear with me :-)

Over the past few days I made several edits to {{Item}} that had a large impact on how item pages render. While some rough edges are still to be expected as I continue tinkering, the changes so far are:

  • heading structure is gone
    • I'd like to bring it back, eventually and when everything else is done
  • description is slightly accentuated using a subtly styled blockquote
    • might warrant adding a "Comment" parameter for anything wiki editors want shown next to item descriptions, which shouldn't look like quoting FL text or need ugly hacks like in Eyeless Skull
  • Buying/Selling displays as small, cute table now
    • my plan is to also allow including one "canonical" non-Bazaar way of obtaining the item under Buying if the item cannot be bought from a Bazaar shop
    • the code for supporting this is finished, now gathering feedback at Soothe & Cooper Long-Box (check the comment threads there)
    • Unfinished Business could also appear in this table, see Fistful of Surface Currency for a layout suggestion
  • economy table (with conversion overview where applicable, and there's also a Fidgeting Writer table now!)
  • side conversion / cross-category conversion tables
  • button to directly list all item sources
  • button to directly list all item uses
  • dynamic wording depending on whether items have sources/uses listed
    • this doesn't work 100% reliably yet I'm afraid
  • list of item effects only shows for items you can equip
    • all effects also show with images now
  • most likely I forgot something important, but this list is long enough as it stands already :)

If you have any feedback (or just want to tell me how I should stop ruining item pages) and ideas for other improvements (for example more themed sidebars) – please do leave a comment! I'm mostly working all by myself and can't really assess whether what I'm doing is good or bad, so any input helps me.