The Forgotten Quarter gets a makeover

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By now I'm sure you've all seen the changes made to the Forgotten Quarter. Formerly a temporary destination on your way to a University Fellowship, it's now home to repeatable expeditions and treasure hunts. Some changes:

The Airs of the Forgotten Quarter are wistful (and numbered)[edit]

Both The Airs of the Forgotten Quarter and Uncovering an Unpredictable Treasure: are somewhat... obfuscated. If you're wondering where the numbers on the wiki come from, there is a method to find them out:

  1. Select the 'Myself' tab
  2. Click the square with the 'Scrapbook Status' caption
  3. From the grid of icons that comes up, click on 'The Airs of the Forgotten Quarter' (it should be near the bottom)
  4. Open your 'Profile' in a new tab or window (it will be something along the lines of
  5. Voila, the quality will now have a number attached!
  6. When an option affects one of these qualities, reloading your Profile tab will show you the new number.

Alternatively, you can start from step #4 above. Clicking on the Scrapbook icon on your Profile page will let you select a different quality with no reloading! No mess, no fuss!

Wiki Fun[edit]

Both of these qualities change somewhat randomly; you can help us by documenting which options unlock at a particular quality level. In particular:

Note that, as always, Fate-locked content should not be added to the wiki. That includes later consequences - e.g. paying Fate to seek A Temple of Uttermost Wind will unlock related actions and storylets. If you can't see it without paying Fate, it shouldn't be here!

Cheers, Jemann (talk) 06:05, July 3, 2013 (UTC)