Capture Veils the Intriguer

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From: Embattled with Surface Mr Veils

You have as many connections now as it does. You have something to offer, and something to gain. You know it is thinking the same thing. Its smile across the Salon says as much.

Game Instructions: You may do this only when you have already destroyed the other two forms of the Vake. Doing this will forsake your monetary reward from the Department of Menace Eradication and provide a Vake Treasure instead.

Unlocked with 1 x Favour in High Places, 60 x Copper Cipher Ring, Parabolan Quarry exactly 1010 (Track Veils of the Surface), 1 x Stalemate, Willingness to Spare Some Aspect of the Vake 1 - 9

Locked with Remaining Incarnations of the Vake 2


An ambiguous gain

[…] "Very well. I can see what you've done […] and have no intention to be next." […]

On the way back […] it begins to offer suggestions. Have you considered a political career? […] it could make some introductions.

[…] feeling like […] the pawns […]

Description summary:
Veils the Intriguer knows the fate of its other aspects and has no intention of joining them. It leaves with you, but starts suggesting you take up politics. It clearly intends for you to become one of its pawns.

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