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This is a category of cards that only appear within Fallen London. If you're ever in a remote location (for example: an exotic dwelling like A Dripstone-Snared Third City Sub-Temple), then these cards would not be drawn.

This could be very important if you wish to limit your card pool for any reason.

Changes to Quirks[edit]

City Vices: an Entanglement with an Old Friend
Option Quirk Change Other Effects
Jadesmall.png Why not? You can afford it +1 Melancholy
+1 Magnanimous
+1 Persuasive
-40 Jade Fragments
Bethlehem.png Suggest renewing your old intimacy instead +1 Forceful
+1 Hedonist
+1 Persuasive
-40 Jade Fragments
+10 Cryptic Clues
Eyesmall.png "Patron", is it?

+1 Melancholy
+1 Forceful
-1 Magnanimous

+1 Scandal
City Vices: a Plea from an Old Friend
Option Quirk Change
Fistsmall.png Trounce the fellow +1 Forceful
+1 Ruthless
Declaimsmall.png Persuade the fellow +1 Subtle
Eyelashsmall.png Actually, he's not bad-looking +1 Hedonist
+1 Subtle
City Vices: ask the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer to help you

no changes

City Vices: a tournament of weasels!

no changes

City Vices: Orthographic Infection

no changes

City Vices: a Rather Decadent Evening

no changes

City Vices: help the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer

no changes