Corpsecage Island

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A player-created Guide is available for this content: Embarking on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery (Guide)

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You can't draw cards from this place
A spit of black rock and stunted heath. If it was ever inhabited, it is no longer.

See Category:Corpsecage Island for cards or storylets that are found in this place or location.

See Category:Corpsecage Island Moves for actions that change player location to this location.

Unlocked with Corpsecage Island

Main Quality: Watchful

Outfits: It is not possible to change outfits while you are in this location.

Neither the Bazaar nor any other market is accessible in this location.

Expedition Progress[edit]

OiC! Action Challenge Success Failure
0 – 3 120
4 – 5 122
6 124
7 127
8 127
9 - -
- -
10 - - -
70% +20 x PAN
30% +40 x PAN

Obtaining Faction Item[edit]

Ambition: Hearts Desire![edit]