Cultured Attachée

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For the similarly-spelled male counterpart, see Cultured Attaché.


An elegant and surprising young woman of the Foreign Office. Erudite Company. Alarming table habits.

This item is only available by spending FATE.

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Effects when equipped in Spouse slot:

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Associated FATE-locked Content

  • Unlocks a Very Infrequent London Opportunity Card with two options:
Option Effects
River.png ~50% chance of

1 x Sworn Statement, 12 x Intriguing Snippet, 1 x Inkling of Identity

~50% chance of

2 x Aeolian Scream

Hunger2.png ~90% chance of

15 x Appalling Secret, 2 x Tale of Terror!!

~10% chance of

1 x Unaccountably Peckish, 1 x An Identity Uncovered!, 1 x Stolen Kiss