Elder Uses (Guide)

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Item Uses
Academic Book Cartography
Contraband Curiosity Currency
Elder Goods Great Game
Historical Infernal Influence
Legal Luminosity Mysteries
Nostalgia Osteology Rag Trade
Ratness Rubbery Rumour
Sustenance Theological Wild Words
Wines Zee Treasures Low Tier

Jade Fragment[edit]

Relic of the Third City[edit]

Mystery of the Elder Continent[edit]

Presbyterate Passphrase[edit]

Antique Mystery[edit]



  • NaN



Primaeval Hint[edit]

Elemental Secret[edit]

Your Lodgings

  • SMEN Consume one each time breaking on through to the other side, gaining 1 x Footsteps of the False Saints on success. See SMEN (Guide).