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From: Beneath Spite, Beneath the University, Beneath the Blind Helmsman, Beneath the Singing Mandrake or Beneath Moloch Street

What have they found? What do they suspect is below?


What lies beneath

[See table below]
Dig LocationDescription
SpiteThe tunnels here have delved deep into the Earth, and they have uncovered remnants of a previous Falling City: Stone blocks and clay bricks of unfamiliar make; the odd fragment of a stone tablet or potsherd.
The UniversityNumerous iron chains and manacles [...] leading a Benthic professor to theorize that these are the remains of the HMS Ungulate [...] He hasn't proposed a theory for how the ship got buried [...] Nor does his hypothesis account for the constant buzzing [...]
The Singing MandrakeThe tunnels beneath the Singing Mandrake have yielded relatively few artefacts of note. But they do have a recurring problem with cobwebs, and more than one digging Londoner has reported a chittering noise from below.
The Blind HelmsmanThe tunnels here are filled with a noise of machinery. The bulk of excavated items seem to originate in London – whatever is buried here must have sunk into the Earth with the Fall, if not more recently.
Moloch StreetA ring of brass the colour of mahogany was recovered early on in the digging. Papers and files are commonly found, too, though they are often too damaged to read. And it's hard to ignore that the tunnels have the faintest scent of brimstone.