Merrigans Exchange

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Wholesale Agents to the Bazaar. Celebrating Twenty Years Without An Apostrophe.

This shop at the Bazaar sells various Goods.

Item Buy price Sell price Item Type
Bottleandglasssmall.png Bottle of Greyfields 1879 E 0.02 E 0.01 Wines
Jadesmall.png Jade Fragment E 0.02 E 0.01 Elder
Lamplighter beeswaxsmall.png Lump of Lamplighter Beeswax E 0.02 E 0.01 Luminosity
Ratsstringsmall.png Rat on a String E 0.02 E 0.01 Ratness
Silksmall.png Silk Scrap E 0.02 E 0.01 Rag Trade
Ambersmall.png Nodule of Deep Amber E 0.03 E 0.01 Rubbery
Demetergreensmall.png Foxfire Candle Stub E 0.03 E 0.01 Academic
Shardsmall.png Shard of Glim E 0.03 E 0.01 Cartography
Moonpearlsmall.png Moon-Pearl E 0.03 E 0.01 Goods
Nevercold brasssmall.png Nevercold Brass Sliver E 0.03 E 0.01 Goods
Red goldsmall.png Piece of Rostygold E 0.03 E 0.01 Goods
Honeysmall.png Drop of Prisoner's Honey E 0.04 E 0.02 Nostalgia
Bottleandglassredsmall.png Bottle of Greyfields 1882 E 0.04 E 0.02 Wines
Waxjarsmall.png Primordial Shriek E 0.04 E 0.02 Wild Words
Bottledsoulsmall.png Soul E 0.04 E 0.02 Infernal
Currency3 silversmall.png Fistful of Surface Currency E 0.06 E 0.03 Currency
Horseheadsmall.png Relic of the Fourth City E 0.10 E 0.05 Historical
Vialgreensmall.png Flask of Abominable Salts E 0.20 E 0.10 Academic
Idolsmall.png Relic of the Third City E 0.20 E 0.10 Elder
Beetlesmall.png Phosphorescent Scarab E 0.25 E 0.10 Luminosity
Tabletsmall.png Relic of the Second City E 0.30 E 0.15 Historical
Signsmall.png London Street Sign E 5.00 E 2.50 Contraband
Skullbrasssmall.png Bright Brass Skull E 62.50 E 60.00 Infernal
Amber redsmall.png Nodule of Pulsating Amber E 100.00 E 62.50 Rubbery