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From: Knife-and-Candle: attack!

Mirrorcatch Boxes are oddities: neither legal nor illegal, exactly. They have a special place in the Game. If you suspect another Londoner has a box, and you can call in a favour to bend the rules, you may steal it in the course of the Game. […]

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Game Instructions: Uses Baroque!, steals a Mirrorcatch Box...if you've guessed right and they have one.

Unlocked with 1 x Favour in High Places, 3 x Iron Knife Token, Watchful 30

Locked with 1 x Mirrorcatch Box

Challenge with Baroque!

Once Chosen

The complexities of theft

A Mirrorcatch Box may not be stolen in the ordinary way. The plan was as elaborate as a street-map of Spite. Until you get this parcel home, you won't even know if it contains a Box. (If your target had one, and if you succeeded in the theft, you'll find out below.)


You have defeated [StoryNexus username] ([Fallen London character name] in Fallen London) in a Mirrorsnatch attempt! If they had a Mirrorsnatch Box, it is now yours.


[Storynexus username] ([Fallen London character name] in Fallen London) has defeated you in a Mirrorsnatch attempt! If you had a Mirrorcatch Box, it is now theirs.