New Newgate Prison - again!

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Prison-header.png Wiki note: For the tutorial prison, see Tutorial Prison

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You're back in the Spike. But this time you're being watched a little more carefully.

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Unlocked with Suspicion 8

Main Quality: Suspicion

Neither the Bazaar nor any other market is accessible in this location.

Music: New Newgate


Wiki note: It's possible to enter New Newgate without raising A Criminal Record: by failing to Rob the Brass Embassy, at the cost of all Favours: Hell and 50 CP of Shadowy or by failing the "What...? Do I understand you correctly?" option on the The attention of the Ministry of Public Decency card. Gaining a Memory of Chains will also send you to the Spike without raising A Criminal Record:, with all the costs that Seeking Mr Eaten's Name comes with. Another possibility to enter without hurting your record comes from failing A shabby sort of place in the Ambition: Light Fingers! storyline.

Getting arrested[edit]

Upon escape:[edit]