The even more daring escape!

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You arrange to 'die' in a knife fight […] The Troubled Undertaker pronounces you dead. There is an insultingly cursory funeral service, and then the snuffling gaolers fling your corpse over the railings into the Unterzee far below. […] You are free!

Description summary:
Your plan is very, very cunning. It does require you to first be 'dead'. But then, this is Fallen London. You grab the rope you had tied to the railings, and swing onto a passing dirigible. You are free!

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Unlocked with 1 x Notes on the Dirigible Schedule, 1 x Rope of Knotted Rags, 1 x Prison Shiv

Storylet appears in New Newgate Prison - again!

This storylet autofires once all the prerequisites are met.