Outflank Surface Veils

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From: Embattled with Surface Mr Veils

Trap it between two of its own allies. Ruin its plans.

Game Instructions: By keeping the Masters' affairs among themselves, this delays the Liberation of Night.

Unlocked with 1 x Favour in High Places, 60 x Copper Cipher Ring, Parabolan Quarry exactly 1010 (Track Veils of the Surface), 1 x Epaulette Mate, Traces of Veils the Intriguer 2


Fires. Iron.

[…] Veils is outlining […] the sale of Paris. […]

But […] Mr Iron discourages any rash moves. Mr Fires speaks about […] an alliance […]

[…] Veils' negotiations are at an end: […] it comes apart when they do […] All that remains is […] a head […]

Description summary:
Veils the Intriguer speaks of the sale of Paris, and all the fabulous rewards that could be. But Mr Iron and Mr Fires have joined the Salon. Mr Iron discourages haste, while Mr Fires offers another path to power. The Intriguer's political maneuvers disintegrate, and it does too.

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