Promenade (Season 1)

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From: Horatia's Parlour

Intrepid souls know the best way to see who's around Mrs Chapman's is first to be seen.

Unlocked with The Season in Soup is exactly 1 (World Quality, now locked)


A gourmand of the human condition

[…] A Familiar Footman approaches with a tray of […] fried jillyfish, lamprey in cosmogone. […]

The Clay Man is dressed in a fashionable cut, and speaks in a broad London accent. […] his conversation is peppered with references to London in days gone by […]


Description summary:
The last paragraph changes during the various Festivals throughout the year.

Current FestivalLast paragraph
London's Season: ChristmasIt is as you leave that you realise the Familiar Footman has covered himself in tinsel, and hung baubles from his craggier extremities.
London's Season: The Feast of the Exceptional RoseThe Footman has a question as you leave. "Why the masks? Surely they are so flimsy everyone can see exactly who it is behind them." A further thought dawns. "Unless the plausible deniability is the point..."
London's Season: WhitsunThe Familiar Footman turns away. He appears to be talking to an egg. From the whispered snatches of Loamsprach you can make out, it seems he plans on raising it as his own.
London's Season: HallowmasThe Familiar Footman gives you a wink as you leave before returning to the crowds in the parlour. "It is a very clever disguise," he rumbles in halting Loamsprach, "Yes, I am a very convincing Clay Man."

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