Promenade (Season 2)

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From: Horatia's Parlour

Intrepid souls know the best way to see who's around Mrs Chapman's is first to be seen.

Unlocked with The Season in Soup is exactly 2 (World Quality, now available)


His Grace

[…] the […] Bishop of Southwark doesn't understand the notion of 'incognito', […] or indeed, 'indoor voice'. […]

The Bishop […] is […] circumspect when it comes to the exact nature of his history with this house. "An old mistake, fondly remembered," is all he'll say.

Description summary:
The last paragraph changes during the various Festivals throughout the year.

Current FestivalLast paragraph
London's Season: The Feast of the Exceptional Rose[…] he turns and thunders at the queue that has formed […] "Nowhere in the Bible is it said that it is good luck to kiss a Bishop. They don't even have Bishops in the Good Book!" […] a quiet murmur from the crowd. […] "No, not even in St Cyriac's text!"
London's Season: WhitsunOn your way out, the Bishop gives a great sigh and removes his mitre. "Who," he asks in the tones of a man who is not going to get the answer he hopes for, "Put another egg under my hat?"
London's Season: HallowmasThe Bishop of Southwark ducks into a cupboard as you turn away. You hear him mutter, "I get enough of ruddy confessionals every other b___y day," as he closes the door behind him.
London's Season: ChristmasAs you move to leave, the Bishop lets out a mournful sigh. "No one's even commented that I'm in red. They just think I've spilled wine down my front..."

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  • Door2small.png The Bishop is interrupted by a sudden knock, emerging from somewhere behind the wall. It is loud enough to wake the devil himself. (Sets A Knock Behind the Wainscotting to 1 - Knocking behind the walls at Mrs Chapman's)
  • Mirrorsmall.png You've gained (see below) x Memory of Light
Base Persuasive0–9798–136137–163164–202203–230
Memory of Light12345