Promenade (Season 4)

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From: Horatia's Parlour

Intrepid souls know the best way to see who's around Mrs Chapman's is first to be seen.

Unlocked with The Season in Soup is exactly 4 (World Quality, now locked)


Chorus' echo

Curses. Someone has beaten you to it, and worse, they've brought […] their own band of Rattus Faber. […]

The person in question is […] Ferret. […] They are […] keen to observe the changes in human-Rattus relations […] since they were last here.

Description summary:
The last paragraph changes during the various Festivals throughout the year.

Current FestivalLast paragraph
London's Season: The Feast of the Exceptional RoseFerret snickers as you leave. "What, no kisses for the rats nor my good self? Thought not. Unless..." Their cackle continues for some time.
London's Season: WhitsunAs you turn to leave, Ferret gives you a wink. "I can tell you this much, this eggmongering is a new game in town. Nothing like it in my day. We'd have given our eye teeth for eggs back then."
London's Season: HallowmasFerret returns to their task as you leave, whittling dozens of identical miniature masks. The design isn't apparent until all of the rats stand close together, eyes bright.
London's Season: ChristmasFerret resumes getting their merry band of Rattus Faber to strike up a series of carols on tiny instruments. It takes some listening to discern that those are not the original words.

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