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From: A Sundered Sea

What might wash up among the smooth, round stones at the edge of the pools?

Game Instructions: This will give an unreliable range of results.

Unlocked with Putting the Pieces Together: the Taste of Lacre 3

Challenge information

A matter of luck: The odds are strongly against you here (success chance: 30%)


From long ago

A nearby pool seethes. Faces of lacre rise to the surface. […] They open their mouths and sing a dirge in wet, wavering voices. […] It endures for perhaps half a verse before the pool makes a slurping noise, and the lacre is sucked downwards […]

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Rare Success

A message

[…] pool of lacre whose surface is as still and flat as ice. […] consistency of thin cream. So how is it that Correspondence signs are written upon it as if someone had drawn them with a finger in […] did they arise naturally from the lacre?

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The lacre-tide is unpredictable. One minute it might be desperately climbing the beach, wave breking upon wave. The next it can be flat as a mirror but dropping rapidly […]

Its sound is always sad […] There are no other shores like this.

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Rare Failure

Almost born

The tide […] lacre scrabbling at the shore-stones like fingers. Wait... they are fingers! Milky, globular, and frantic. […] They scream.

The tide reclaims them. […] It was a spirited attempt to be born, but it failed.

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