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Description summary:
The description changes according to the level of Current Culinary Concoction

1Sharply Flavoured Pickle, As Yet UnpoisonedSharply flavoured pickle of onion and other vegetables, suitable as a condiment in all sorts of applications. Its vinegary potency would hide almost any poison.
5Jet-Black Pickle Relish Dosed with Hillchanger Scorpion VenomBread. Boiled egg. And a deep brown, heavily spiced pickle relish, blackly gleaming with the most discriminating of poisons.
7Envenomed Pickles Suspended in Venison Aspic, Dosed with Mr Spices' Private DrugArtistically-arranged segments of bone, each filled with quivering gelatin encasing a treasure of Neathy pickles.
20An Enticing Fungal PâtéChopped mushroom in three kinds, mixed with venison marrow and pressed into a mould, then served with a garnish of boiled egg and something that looks a bit green.
23A Platter of Mixed CharcuterieChunky slices of cured sausage. Wafers of ham, from which almost all the tinny after-taste has been successfully abstracted. Rich potted marrow.
25A Tower of Fungal Pâté FlambéAn architectural folly sculpted out of fungal pâté, encrusted with sautéd mushrooms, covered in absinthe and set alight. Purple-blue flames jump up from the edible bonfire, and hopefully not onto a tablecloth.
50Vibrantly Peppery Fish BrothA deep-hued peppery fish broth studded with fresh (not canned!) peppercaps. A dish to warm the ribcage from the inside.
53Caducean Zzoup, with Gunpowder and Sickly RoseA furious Zzoup that resents the time the Devils wandered in Parabola, and resents Hell, and resents the Brass Embassy. Every bite explodes with concentrated fury.
55Shark Bouillabaisse with CroutonsHot enough to scar, with a faint resinous aftertaste; garnished with teeth.
57Culinary Tribute to the Sea of SpinesSalty and savoury, it tastes of things that were good for you when you were a far simpler creature.
100Dark-Dewed Cherry LiqueurA shade lighter than port, smelling of the Elder Continent, served in a thistle-shaped glass.
103Sparkling Solacefruit RoyaleDeep pinkish-red, swiftly bubbling. In a glass, it sounds like distant laughter. It dispels fear and anaesthetises before a change.
105Solacefruit Champagne SorbetDeep pinkish-red, swiftly bubbling. In a glass, it sounds like distant laughter. It dispels fear and anaesthetises before a change.
200Self-Reflective Tapenade of Parabolan Orange-AppleA chunky relish of chopped fruit and Concentrate of Self. It would pair well with meat or fungus; it will inevitably call you to mind. Unwise to serve to ex-lovers.
203Sour Pickle of Parabolan Orange-Apple and VinegarSour and spice-brown, but with segments of orange-apple still clearly distinct in the mixture. It is a very strong and self-assured flavour.
206Orange-Apple Jam spiked with Muscaria BrandyAlmost black in colour, tasting like a flash of spice and then a numbing absence. You have trained yourself sufficiently to eat it without danger. Someone else would find the preparation fatal.
209Marmalade of Parabolan Orange-Apple, Honey, and Roseate AttarA perfumed composition that speaks of pale orange evenings and a palm fronds. Best served in cosmogone lamp-light.
300Curatorial CocktailIt is sweet and sour, with a spike of overwhelming bitterness that comes up about half a second through tasting, and does not linger. They will never truly appreciate this.
400Parabolan Taper-nut CakeA round yellow cake made for one, filled with candied taper-nut paste and decorated with hatched white icing. A treat, neither decadent nor dainty.

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Game Instructions: The higher the luxury level of your trains, the more your clientele will tip for their dinner. This option is now paid entirely in Hinterland Scrip.

Unlocked with Current Culinary Concoction


A Preparation Well-Received

Out in the dining room, [Languor Level] await their meal: [Passenger]; [Balmoral Visitor]; [Local Worker].

[Diners' Reaction]

Description summary:
The diner varies with several Airs qualities. The beginning of the paragraph varies with a currently unknown quality, the first diner depends on Airs of Passengers, the second diner is a visitor from Balmoral, and the third diner is a local from Factory VIII. The second paragraph depends on Current Culinary Concoction.

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?Languor Level
?a few jaded passengers
??a few travel-worn passengers
Airs of PassengersPassenger
0a person in a dove-grey suit
1001 - 1029a lady in a blue gown
1030 - 1049a gentleman in a grey silk waistcoat
1050 - 1059a Rubbery man in fawn-coloured gloves
1060 - 1064a Gondolier of upper rank with the uniform to prove it
1065 - 1069an agent of the Bazaar
1070 - 1079a judge from the Evenlode
1080 - 1089a friend of the Veteran Privy Counsellor
1090 - 1099a very bureaucratic-looking man
1100 - 1109a woman dressed in Bohemian style but very expensive fabrics
1110 - 1119a man with a briefcase covered with Correspondence sigils
1120 - 1124a man in a very thick fur coat
1125 - 1129a woman with a mink stole
1130a determined Baroness with a hand-stamped letter of recommendation to the gates of Hell
2001 - 2049a mushroom-farmer
2050 - 2059a Rubbery man dressed for the factory
2060 - 2069a down-at-heels ex-Gondolier
2070 - 2074an escapee from the prisons of the Evenlode
2075 - 2136a speechless woman with a lamp affixed to her hand
3001 - 3009a scholar in Benthic robes
3010 - 3024a palaeontologist (bag of tools uncouthly on the table)
3025 - 3049a scholar in Summerset robes
3050 - 3059a scholar of Rubbery linguistics
3060 - 3064a professor interested in the sociology of the Gondoliers
3065 - 3069an archaeologist investigating the Sere Palace
3070 - 3130a legal scholar of the Evenlode
4001 - 4009a determined-looking Tracklayer
4010 - 4019a Tracklayer wearing the insignia of the Prehistoricists
4020 - 4049a solicitor employed by the Tracklayers' Union
4050 - 4059a Rubbery man in a Tracklayer's uniform
4060 - 4069a Tracklayer recruited from the Gondoliers
4070 - 4079a burly Tracklayer
4080 - 4089a wiry Tracklayer
4090 - 4099a scrawny Tracklayer
4100 - 4109a Tracklayer with a book of psalms
4110 - 4119a Tracklayer with thick protective boots
4120 - 4129a Tracklayer who hasn't bothered removing her helmet
4130 - 4137a Tracklayer in fire-proof gloves
5001 - 5009a vicar
5010 - 5024a deacon
5025 - 5039a rector
5040 - 5049a lay preacher
5050 - 5059a lay theologist translating the Bible to Rubbery speech
5060 - 5069the vicar-sailor of the floating Church of Saint Barbara
5070 - 5079a prison chaplain
5080 - 5089a dour-looking rector
5090 - 5099a factory chaplain
5100 - 5109a lay preacher of the Church in the Wild
5110 - 5119a Church historian
5120 - 5124a monk in black robes
5125 - 5129a Follower of the Anchoress
5130 - 5138a militant preacher against devils
10001 - 10009a sardonic-looking Devil
10010 - 10019a grim-looking Devil
10020 - 10029a glum Deviless
10030 - 10049a smug Deviless
10050 - 10059an expert in Rubbery souls
10060 - 10130one of the regulars of the Fiddler's Scarlet
Airs of BalmoralBalmoral Visitor
1-14a man in a kilt
15-24a girl with a pistol tucked in her sash
25-34a young Scotsman
35-49a young Scotswoman
50-74an ageing portrait-painter
75-89a woman in a blue and grey tartan sash
90-100a landscape painter
Airs of VIIILocal Worker
1-4a former employee of Mr Pages
5-14a former employee of Mr Fires
15-19a former employee of Mr Apples
21-24a former employee of Mr Veils
25-29a former employee of Mr Cups
30-34a former employee of Mr Mirrors
35-36a former employee of Mr Spices
38-39a former employee of Mr Stones
40-44a former employee of Mr Mirrors
45-49a former employee of Mr Iron
51-59a laboratory worker with stained fingernails
60-67the head porter for the factory
70-79a lab worker who reminds you of an ex-student
80-89a lab worker with a pet rat in her pocket
91-96a balding lab worker
98-100a hirsute lab worker
Current Culinary ConcoctionDiners' Reaction
5, 20, 23, 50, 53, 55, 57, 100, 200, 203, 206, 209The diners eat in silence, perhaps too awed by your concoction to make any remark. But they pay as richly as their purses will allow.
1 - Sharply Flavoured Pickle, As Yet UnpoisonedThe diners eat in silence, teeth crunching, eyes streaming with tears. They require three times the usual quantity of water and wine to wash it away with. No one complains, but the pleasures of the meal leave them looking rather sapped.
7 - Envenomed Pickles Suspended in Venison Aspic, Dosed with Mr Spices' Private DrugThey carefully slip their spoons into the bones, digging out quivering lumps of translucent aspic. Lips smack. Conversation slows. Someone is gently snoring, still holding a glass of lager.
25 - A Tower of Fungal Pâté FlambéThe lights in the dining room are dimmed for effect; some clap merrily as the flames rise from the mountain of pâté. When they abate, the entire thing is coated in a burnished glaze of reduced absinthe; dreamy smiles follow.
103 - Sparkling Solacefruit RoyaleThey watch you approach with the bubbling glasses; their eyes are wide, like very ill patients watching the nurse draw near with their dose. Some of them do try to savour the drink, but every one of them looks sad when the glass is empty.
105 - Solacefruit Champagne SorbetThe diners eat, and wonder, and lick their spoons. Their eyes are full of dreams, the consolation of the other-world that might have been, where they achieved all their aims, and none of their counsels went wrong.
300 - Curatorial CocktailThey stare into the coupe glasses full of dark liquid, watching it sparkle. They sip, and smile. Conversation brightens in the dining room. They are altogether more self-assured, more themselves. Hungrier, but not for food.
400 - Parabolan Taper-nut CakeThe diners eat eagerly. There's a murmur of surprise and recognition. "Isn't there a tea room that serves these?" "No; but there ought to be?" They try to order seconds, but you explain that the trick cannot be repeated on the same evening.

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