Stroll into a bookshop

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From: The Imperial Colleges

They seem to sprout from the ground here, filling any space not already taken up by the colleges. If one is willing to brave the dust and moths, who knows what one might find?

Unlocked with 20 x Assortments of Khaganian Coinage

Challenge information

A matter of luck: It could go either way (success chance: 50%)


Something hefty

You paw through the rows of tenpenny novels and anaemic poetry books, until you find it: a book with some real gravity. The bookshop's resident tabby raises a single eyebrow in what might be approval of your choice.

Rare Success

Something loud

A note scratched onto yellowing paper, in Khaganian script; the shop's owner helps you read it – the song doesn't leave your head for the remainder of the day.


Something unusual

You find it at the very back of the shop, hiding behind the other books on the shelf. […] And under no circumstances do you walk out with the book tucked under your arm.

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Rare Failure

Something treacherous

Big, attractive charts are beloved by booksellers everywhere, and the Khanate is no exception. […] "Perhaps it will take you to better places than it took the last owner."

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