Tanah-Chook (Guide)

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What needs work: Unclear if all wait options reduce a menace or just the one in the House of Exertion

There are three locations within the Republic. The Main Marketplace serves as the central hub, and from there one can travel to the House of Exertion and the Great Library of Tanah-Chook. From those locations, one can only travel back to the Main Marketplace. From all locations, however, one can choose to stop exploring the Republic and return to zee.

The structure of life within the Republic is highly structured, as benefits those without excessive physical structure. There are four types of activities, and each causes Time Passing (Time) to increase. Regular activities will cause one to become more knowledgeable about File:scandal.png The Ways of a Minor Republic (Ways), which one can cash out at trade in activities.

Grandfatherclock.png Time Scandal.png Ways Results
regular +200 +5 E 0.5 of an item
trade in +200 -20 E 8.5 of two items
wait/travel +100 (not always shown) possible menace removal
sleep =900

Note that the actual Time Passing ranges in game have been changed to reflect values actually accessible to the player. (That is, 900-1259 has been changed to 900-1200 since no activity advances Time Passing by less than 100).


The Main Marketplace[edit]

Grandfatherclock.png Available Activity type Results
Scandal.png 900-1200 regular 1 x Tale of Terror!!
1100-1400 regular 1 x Journal of Infamy
1400-1600 trade in 2 x Tale of Terror!!

3 x An Identity Uncovered!

1400-1700 regular 1 x Memory of Distant Shores
1700-2000 regular 5 x Inkling of Identity
Grandfatherclock.png < 2100 wait ?
2100 sleep

The House of Exertion[edit]

Grandfatherclock.png Available Trade in Results
Bazaarsun.png 900-1100 trade in 2 x Vision of the Surface

3 x Mourning Candle

Fist2 TC.png 900-1200 regular 50 x Silk Scrap
1100-1400 regular 25 x Primordial Shriek
1400-1700 regular 50 x Foxfire Candle Stub
1700-2000 regular 50 x Lump of Lamplighter Beeswax
File:Grandfatherclock.png < 2100 wait - 1(?) CP Wounds
2100 sleep

The Great Library[edit]

Grandfatherclock.png Available Trade in Results
Chesspiece.png 900-1200 regular 5 x Relic of the Third City
Bookdead.png 1100-1400 regular 1 x Zee-Ztory
1400-1700 regular 4 x Appalling Secret
1700-2000 regular 1 x Journal of Infamy
1800-2000 trade in 2 x Memory of Light

3 x Extraordinary Implication

Grandfatherclock.png < 2100 wait ?
2100 sleep

EPA Analysis[edit]

It's not entirely clear why an enterprising zee-captain would want to seek economic gain in such a place, but the maximum theoretical EPA is 1.75. This is achievable by immediately moving to the House of Exertion and staying there until one has enough Ways to cash out twice. Of course, there is the opportunity cost going to visit, but perhaps one has great need of Mourning Candles...