The Home of an Admiral's Widow

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From: Planning a Heist (Hub)

You have heard of a Widow who owns a stock of Justificande coins, the currency of Irem.

Game Instructions: This is a challenging heist that may take some effort to complete. It will garner you several Justificande coins.

Unlocked with 3 x Favours: The Docks, Shadowy 100

Locked with Planning a Heist:


Enhanced by the Admiralty

The house is more secure than one would expect of a private citizen: thick walls, barred windows, and a household staff more familiar with scuffles at Zee than with silver polish. The Widow herself never goes out and never holds social affairs.
  • Furtivehandsmall.png You've begun planning a burglary of Justificandes from an Admiral's Widow. (Sets Planning a Heist: to 7 - The apartments of an Admiral's Widow, where there is a small cache of Justificandes)
  • Keyhole1small.png Your target is Well-Guarded: notably secure. (Sets Target Security: to 3 - Well-Guarded)
  • Shipsmall.png You've lost 3 x Favours: The Docks

Conclusion: The Widow's Bedchamber