The Way to an Honour

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From: A Sundered Sea

Let two drops of melted lacre run together and fall to stain a Bazaar Permit... and it will reveal a truth. You know that truth. Which is why you'll take this gate, here at the side of the Sea. A whistling breeze issues from a broad dark passage.

Game Instructions: Ascend here to upgrade your Premises to a Spire-Emporium of the Bazaar at the cost of nine Taste of Lacre.

Unlocked with 9 x Putting the Pieces Together: the Taste of Lacre, 3 x Notability, 1 x Lengthy Lease to Premises at the Bazaar

Locked with 1 x A Novel Birth-Mark



Climb the claw-notched tread. […] These are the proscribed chambers of the Bazaar, but hard-faced neddy-men nod to you […] You've won some kind of right to be here […]

A gloved hand – light and sharp as chitin – falls on your shoulder. […]

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