The Writer's Desk: finish a Short Story

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Add the finishing touches and send your precious child out into the world. Play it safe, or reach for the stars?

Game Instructions: The higher you pitch, the more impressive your work will be... but if you fail, you risk being seen as pretentious, and will suffer accordingly.

Unlocked with a redirect from Finish your Short Story

Storylet appears in Your Activities



Not quite ready yet...


Write the Wilting Dandy's Story for Mr Pages


Potentially acceptable


Potentially competent


Potentially compelling


Potentially thrilling


Potentially exceptional


Potentially extraordinary


Potentially masterful


Potentially celebrated


Potentially classic


Make Your Name: Publish your story


Go back, if your story is Not quite ready yet... or finish it off if you have at least 10 pages with 16 Potential. Publishing is a Potential challenge, consumes all created pages and might add some Making Waves. Failing degrades your story two tiers. Echoes sale price is in brackets - although not higher math, for your convenience the last column shows the value loss on a failure.

The Writer's Desk: finish a Short Story
up to
Potentially Success Failure Loss
16 62  acceptable Story.png (2) Storyunloved.png (1) 1
32 62  competent Storycompetent.png (10) Storyunloved.png (1) 9
50 62 
compelling Storycompelling.png (30) Storycompetent.png (10) 20
70 81 
5x 83 
thrilling Storythrilling.png (50) Storycompetent.png (10) 40
80 92  exceptional Storyexceptional.png (60) Storycompelling.png (30) 30
90 105  extraordinary Storyextraordinary.png(70) Storythrilling.png (50) 20
100 115 
152  162 
masterful Storymasterful.png (80) Storyexceptional.png (60) 20
150 celebrated Storycelebrated.png (130) Storyextraordinary.png (70) 60
200 classic Storyclassic.png (180) Storymasterful.png (80) 100

Final notes:

  • Once you’ve completed your Short Story, you’re ready to start again and write another!
  • A Compelling Short Story has a real bad ratio on action points for what it's worth in the end, if you don't push your Potential with some Laudanum.
  • A failure on A Thrilling Short Story is a real pain, so it seems advisable to rather aim for An Exceptional Short Story.
  • The optimal way to earn the most echoes and Making Waves per action with modified Persuasive 183+ is to grind Touching Love Stories in Polythreme, use Laudanum! and scrap it if it fails, then use either Write frantically or Write frenziedly if you have high enough Persuasive, then use your love stories to increase Potential to 110. Not counting the zee trips since the impact of those approaches zero as the amount of time spent overzee increases, this gives 1.73 echoes and 0.746 Making Waves per action.
  • A Celebrated Short Story is already expensive, risky and hard to achieve, but, if there's no serious need, to aim for a classic is quite insane - it requires a minimum of 2 Trade Secrets, which take 8 weeks to gather and sell for 120 echoes directly or can be converted to 250 echoes of items, whereas the Short Story goes away for 180. Of course, some Londoners are insane.
  • Advance from Journalist to Author
    • This needs an Exceptional Short Story to advance from tier 1 to tier 2.
    • And as the card claims: "Being an Author […] pays better than Journalism" - to be clear, this only refers to the fact that tier 2 professions pay better weekly than their tier 1 variants and this does NOT mean that Short Story authoring or anything else is more profitable when you are an Author.