The shaded estate on Hemlock Row

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From: Planning a Heist

Recessed far from the street and surrounded by the leafless spectres of cypresses.

Game Instructions: This is a very challenging heist; advanced skills may be tested. But at the end you will be able to exchange your Hiding Place of a Peculiar Item for a valuable treasure.

Unlocked with Hiding Place of a Peculiar Item, Shadowy 200

Locked with Planning a Heist:


Slip inside

The address is respectable, but not ostentatious. The house is modest, but well-kept. Its square façade and deep eaves give it a sense of comfortable exhaustion, like a grandparent slumping into the sofa at the end of a long day.

  • Keyhole1small.png Your target is Perilous: extremely secure. (Sets Target Security: to 4 - Perilous)
  • Furtivehandsmall.png You've begun planning a burglary of a precious treasure. (Sets Planning a Heist: to 11 - The hiding-place of a precious treasure)
Conclusion: ...a very particular treasure